New Marvel Comics in Store 6/25/19

Come in and pick up your favorite Marvel Comics.

1st Saturday of the Month ​

From 1 - 4 PM

Join your friends and meet new ones! Learn about Pokemon Trading Cards, how to play, how to trade.

Bring, build, or buy battle-ready theme decks to battle your friends for fun and prizes.

Theme decks and booster packs are 10%  off during the event.

Commander Style Play on Wednesday

Play begins at 6:00 PM

The Commander Style Play on  Wednesday gives players an opportunity to meet up and play in a casual atomsphere. Come in and meet your local players.

Event Details:

• Entry for this event is $5.00 per player. Each player recieves a pack for participation and the winner receives more.

w/ The Justin Trio

Welcome to TSG Comics, Games & Toys!

Here at TSG, we want to be your full service Comic Book Shop. You the customer come first, you will decide what will go on our shelves.  Tell us what you are interested in, what you collect or just what you are passionate about. We will work to get it for you.

Not sure what all is out there? Each month we will have a new Preview, The Comic Shop Catalog, with thousands of items in hundreds of pages.  All major manufacturers of comics, games, cards, toys and collectables are represented. Come look through the pages of the pop culture dream book.

Store Hours

M, T, W  12:00 - 7:00 PM

Thursday - Closed

F & S 12:00 - 9:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 - 6:00 PM 

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Subscription Services

Never miss an issue of your favorite comic books with our discount subscription service. Fill out our Title Pull Form and receive a discount of each title we pull. The more titles, the higher level of discount.

Casual & Tournament Game Play Area

Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Heroclix and more!

Official Tournament Play! Let us know what games you want to play and we will strive to fulfil your needs.

Toys, Collectables and more!

Building block heroes, yoyos, bobble head dolls, electronics games, blind bag collectibles, balsa glider planes and more. Tell us what you want and we will try to stock it.

Help us Find Your Fun at TSG!

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